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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WEEK 3, DEBATE 3: Al Jefferson vs. Carlos Boozer



Who would you rather have this season: Al Jefferson or Carlos Boozer?

"Carlos Boozer blocked 18 shots last season. Kyle Korver blocked 20. In less minutes. No that’s not a typo; Kyle Korver - the Bulls’ spot-up shooter - had a higher blocked shot rate than Carlos Boozer did last year. In fact, Boozer was 29th of the 30 starting power forwards in blocked shot rate – at less than 0.01 blocked shots per minute! (0.3 per game) Al Jefferson, on the other hand, blocked 153 shots last year, more than all but four players in the entire NBA! (Bogut, Howard, McGee, and Ibaka) And we’re just getting started. Jefferson averages more points, more rebounds, commits less fouls and turnovers, and shoots a higher percentage from the free-throw line than Boozer does. He’s missed six total games in the last two seasons; Boozer missed 23 last year alone (the fourth time he’s failed to play 60 games in nine seasons). So… why is Boozer better?"

“The decline of the Utah Jazz”: Al Jefferson’s first year as a Jazz was supposed to be about Playoff contention, but instead the team implodes. Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan quits on the team midway through the season. All-Star point guard Deron Williams gets traded to the New Jersey Nets, setting up the Jazz to rebuild their team. While my opponent talks about Mr. Jefferson’s ability to block and his superior stats, he’s not a team player or veteran presence in the locker room (intangibles not measured by numbers). Jefferson’s ability to post superior stats is due to the fact that he was a one-man team for the Wolves just like Garnett before his trade to the Boston Celtics. His stats are in decline from what they once were."

"First of all, I think we all need to acknowledge the hilarity that you – Boozer’s rep – did not mention a single word about Carlos Boozer in that entire argument! Probably because there’s nothing to say; no matter how you adjust the numbers Jefferson is clearly the better player (by far). So instead, you went into desperation mode: “How can I possibly win this thing? I know! I’ll say that Jefferson was entirely responsible for Jerry Sloan and Deron Williams leaving the Jazz last year!” That’s the weakest defense I’ve seen since watching Boozer get owned by Tyler Hansbrough in the Playoffs last spring. How can you possibly justify that the Jazz’s implosion was Jefferson’s fault? The guy led the team in points, rebounds, blocks, field goals – hell, he was even fourth in assists (as a center!). Bring your baseless argument to Boozer’s house during his next 20-game fingernail injury."

"The guy leads his team in rebounds, points, blocks and field goals because he’s playing for the Utah Jazz – it’s Minnesota all over again. At least Boozer went to the Playoffs; where was Jefferson? Does he have any statistics to compare regular season to the Playoffs? If you can find them, I’ll concede and say Jefferson’s the better player. You want to talk about stats? Here are some numbers you desire: Boozer averages 2.5 assists/game as a 6’9’’ PF, placing him 8th among all PFs (he’d be tied for 5th among C’s). Jefferson barely leads Boozer in rebounds: 9.7 vs 9.6 per game. Boozer did it in fewer games – 59 vs 82 – and in fewer minutes (31.9 vs 35.9). He excels in FT (2.9), FTA (4.1), and FG% (51%). In short, let’s take a look at the men’s work over 82 games as opposed to nitpicking on blocks and assists.”

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  1. Al Jefferson has to be considered one of the best current veterans to have never made the All-Star team. Here's my team of veterans (min. 7 years) who should have made at least one All-Star team:

    PG - Andre Miller
    SG - Andre Iguodala
    SF - Tayshaun Prince
    PF - Josh Smith
    C - Al Jefferson

    Who am I forgetting?

  2. Phil I just have to say that your last pick of Smith about to dramatically flop had me laughing my ass off. Even Joe Johnson has a look like he knows its suspect.

  3. Thanks Lawrence. See - anyone with that bad of acting skills has to play in at least one All-Star game!

  4. Boozer's rep said nothing at all about Boozer. His/Her argument was based on nonfactual and opinionated information about Jefferson.#smh