Welcome to The Hardwood Courtroom!


Why did you come up with this league?
Several reasons, but mostly I wanted to give us NBA fans a fun experience to help get us through the lockout.

How do I sign up?
Registration for this season has closed, but feel free to email Phil (hardwoodcourtroom@gmail.com) if you'd like to compete next year!

How do the debates work?
One debater is "home" and the other is "away." Away debater goes first and has Monday to write his/her argument; home debater goes second as has Tuesday to write his/her argument. Process continues for one more round so that each debater gets two arguments with the home debater going last on that Thursday.

How are the winners determined?
The week following the match the debate will be posted on the blog along with a poll asking people to vote for the winner. They will have until the following Sunday at 7:00 a.m. EST to vote.

Who schedules the debates and what are they based from?
I schedule the debates based from the participants' ranked Top 50 NBA Players list they submitted to me when they signed up. I match them up against other participants who have ranked their players' differently.

How many debates will each participant take part in during the season?
Each participant will debate 12 times during the regular season.

How is the champion determined?
At the end of the regular season, the top six seeds will advance to the Playoffs (based on their regular season records). Top two seeds get first round byes. #3 seed plays #6 seed and #4 plays #5 in a best of three Quarterfinals. The winners advance to play the #1 and #2 seeds in another best of three series. Whoever wins those series square off in one last best-of-three Finals series. Higher seed gets an extra home game or away game - whichever they prefer - for every series.

What are the rules?
Please refer to the "League Structure & Rules" page located at the right sidebar.

Who can vote on the debates?
Anyone can vote on any or all of the debates as long as they only vote ONCE. This includes the debaters themselves (who, yes, can vote on their own debates). As Commissioner I am only allowed to vote on my own debates; I cannot vote on any other debates since I know the identities of the participants.

How can you be sure voters won't just vote for their friends?
One of the rules is that league participants won't reveal their identities or which debates they participate in until AFTER the winner of their debate has been determined. Since the debates on the blog will only show the NBA players the participants are arguing for, this should ensure that the votes are objective as possible.

I'm a league participant; am I allowed to share links to my debates on facebook or twitter?
Yes, as long as you don't reveal that YOU are participating in the debate. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable to post on your fb status: "Hey everyone, check out this week's Hardwood Courtroom matchups and vote for the winners!" What you CANNOT say is, "Hey everyone; this week I'm debating in The Hardwood Courtroom that Deron Williams is better than Russell Westbrook. Vote for ME!" *Note: Please be tactful and don't just share links to your debates; share links to all of the debates or the website's home page.

I'm a league participant; can I share with my friends my Top 50 Players list or my season schedule?
Nope, because this would reveal clues about yourself that could influence votes. If people see your season schedule, they'll know which debates you're taking part in. And if people see your rankings, they'll know in certain cases that you could only be arguing for one side or the other.

What happens to league participants if they break a rule?
Again, please refer to the "League Structure & Rules" page on the right sidebar.

What does the champion get for winning?
The satisfaction of knowing that he/she is the best NBA debater on the planet:) There is no monetary prize as this would tempt people to cheat which none of us wants. Plus this indicates to me that participants have positive intentions when signing up for this league. If there is a prize it will be determined by me towards the end of the season (perhaps a small trophy or basketball-related prize).

What happens if the NBA lockout ends?
We will play out the season no matter what happens. Although it was spawned because of the lockout, there is no reason it can't continue once it ends.

Who made that amazing youTube NBA highlight video at the top of the page?
I will give credit where credit is due. That video was uploaded by VGElites at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5s1XfKr3Eg. It's one of the best highlight reels I've ever seen.

I have a question that's not found here!
No problem; just shoot me an email at hardwoodcourtroom@gmail.com. I'm happy to answer any and all questions that you have.