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PHIL (Chicago, IL, United States)
"The most passionate NBA fan on the planet; I live, eat, breathe, sleep, and worship this league. Nothing gives me greater joy in life besides friends and family - I challenge ANYONE to a hearty debate!"
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CANAAN (Washington Court House, OH, United States)
"I'm such a big NBA fan that I watched every game of the 1999 San Antonio-New York Finals, and I will gladly watch this season's lockout-ravaged Finals with the same gusto (assuming we have one).  I began following the NBA during the Mark Price-Brad Daugherty Cleveland Cavaliers days, but really came into my own as a fan during the Terrell Brandon-Mike Fratello 90 points per game Cavs.  Because of this, I appreciate the new wide-open NBA more than most."
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BURAKHAN (Istanbul, Turkey)
"Hi guys, I’m an ordinary NBA fan and like everyone I also love this game. I participate in Istanbul-Turkey where I always watch NBA games at nearly 04:00 am (it can be attributed to how much I love this game!). Lastly, I’m a journalism student and my dream job is to be a sports journalist. Peace!"
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MARY (Racine, WI, United States)
"My NBA knowledge is respected and feared among all who know me!  The unique edge I bring is my insight into the intangibles that make the difference between simply being a talented athlete and being a winner!  I plan on winning The Hardwood Courtroom: like my favorite b-ball players, I have what it takes to win!  Let the season begin!!"
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DESMOND (Gastonia, NC, United States)
"I’ve been an NBA fan since the late 80’s when my dad an older brother were fans of Magic’s Showtime Lakers. Like most kids of that era, I gravitated to Jordan’s Bulls and I’m still a fan (of the Bulls, not Jordan). Although the NFL has taken over the top spot in my sporting life, I like nothing more than debating on the NBA past and present rivalries. I consider myself to be a 'walking sports almanac.' Statistics is what I do."
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L-DOG (Mumbai, India)
"L-Dog has been previously named (self-proclaimed of course) the #2 Ranked Los Angeles Clippers Fan behind Clipper Darrell of Clippers.com MVP Spotlight. When Mr. Dog decided to leave Irvine to pursue his Master’s Degree abroad, he was invited on court and presented an autographed team ball by then rookie Paul Davis (the ball is now collecting dust at his mother’s house, total sadness). He now resides in Mumbai, India, a country where there is virtually zero NBA influence, as co-founder of redpanda.co.in (buy something will you, I’m desperate)."
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RICHARD (Fredericksburg, VA, United States)
"Once upon a time I thought I was good enough to play professional basketball...that dream died when I stopped growing. So instead, I write about it here: http://blitzswish.blogspot.com/ "
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LAWRENCE (New York, NY, United States)
"I grew up watching basketball in Botswana once a week with Ahmad Rashad on NBA Inside Stuff.  That 30 minutes was enough for me to see Shaq break a few basketball rims and I fell in love.  I am a Shaq fan for life and as a result, in terms of teams I like, I have been a journeyman just like The Diesel. My expertise is based on my love for basketball to death - I dont care for stats. Did not know what I would do about the lockout until The Hardwood Courtroom came about."

MOLAPO-KTM (Maseru, Lesotho)
"Now, I will be the last to claim I’m a life-long NBA disciple… but its tentacles spread – relentlessly I will add – to all parts of the globe, infecting you like an Amazon tarantula preying on mice. Sooner or later you will get caught. I’m that unsuspecting mouse and NBA fever has grown steadily within me since that fateful day I got bit. For political reasons I won’t say which team I have grown to support, but I will say it is indeed true that the NBA is where amazing happens. Oh, I’m here to add the mature head… until things get tough… Let’s go!"
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WILL (Oak Park, IL, United States)
"I dominate the NBA debate terrain like Ghengas Khan dominated the Russian Steppes. With my superior debating skills I will take no prisoners until I can convince the masses that Sebastian Telfair is superior to Jordan. I will purge the population of perfunctory percentages, porous perceptions, patronizing parallels, and proof-less propositions. I will not rest until victory is mine."

ANDY (Des Moines, IA, United States)
"I'm an average NBA fan. I can not compete against Phil's wealth of knowledge, passion and love of the game."